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October Birthday Party

Today was the birthday party for the friends born in October. Everyone did such a great job to say their names and their age with a big and loud voice. Well done everyone! Then all the birthday friends presented the birthday presents very nicely saying a big Happy Birthday! Today’s play was done by the English Teachers as a present for the October Birthday friends. The play was Meg and Mog doing a magic potion spell party. After accidentally transforming the witches into mice, Meg and Mog asked all the IYK friends to help tomorrow during the Halloween Party and get some special ingredients. It’s for a potion to change the mice back into witches. Then the play finished with finding a cake inside the cauldron and all the teachers said a big Happy birthday! Lastly, the teachers showed some pinatas and invited the children to have fun in their classroom and find the special tickets inside the pinatas. Thank you everyone it was a great party! Let’s have fun for tomorrow’s Halloween party!