Halloween Party

Today was the IYK Halloween Party! All of the children have been excited for this event all month! Each day during October, the children have practiced calling out “Knock, knock, knock, trick or treat?” to open the haunted house doors to receive many letters coming from Meg the witch and her friends, asking for help to get ingredients for a magic spell.

Today, the children were split into 12 different teams, with children from the Junior, Intermediate and Senior grades all working together to retrieve the ingredients they needed from 4 different rooms. Everyone helping the sad bat to float again by dancing together with it. All of the children passed the spider’s quizzes to get pieces of a shiny key back to open the box to get their items. Everyone could feed worms to the hungry monster as well as find a key for the candy-man’s treasure box. After completing all of the tasks, the children went to the basement to give the spell items to Meg, who then used them in a special spell! All of the IYK children looked fantastic today and had so much fun. Well done everyone! Happy Halloween!