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Hyogen Festival Day 2

Today was Class 2’s Hyogen Festival performance. We were excited to see everyone as they arrived, and all the children had such big smiles on their faces from the moment they walked through the door. Everyone did such a tremendous job playing their tambourines to ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,’ then it was time for our English play, ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ A few friends were a little nervous to be on stage in front of their families, but all of the children did such a wonderful job! There were lots of big voices, big gestures and big smiles. The children worked so hard to put on a good show today, and they made us all very proud! Thank you to everyone who came today!

Class 4 has had so much fun with Handbells and the story “The Musicians of Bremen” over the past month and were very eager to put on a good performance today. It was very pleasing to see all the children come together with the hand bells to make beautiful music with the song “Deck the Halls”. It was so nice to see the Christmas Spirit shine through! After that, Class 4 changed costumes and became different characters to put on their own rendition of “The Musicians of Bremen”. All the children did their best using a big voice for singing and putting plenty of emotion into their lines. Thank you to all the parents and family members who have supported their children through this time. Your children deserve a lot of praise!

Today, Class 6 put on their Hyogen Festival performance for their families to see. The children have worked so hard practicing their dances and learning their lines. It was amazing to see them on stage today and they did such a good job. They performed ‘White Christmas’ with the handbells, listening carefully and keeping time with each other. Everyone had so much fun doing our English play, ‘Peach Boy,’ an English version of the Japanese folk tale, Momotaro. Thank you to all the parents and relatives who came today. Thank you for your support each and every day.

Class 8 had so much fun today performing for the Hyogen Festival. They played beautifully the melodion using harmonies and they were so excited to perform the piece “Butterfly”. Everyone was a little nervous before starting the English play “Peter Pan” on the stage and they did so well, they used a big voice and they could put so much emotion into their lines. They performed and acted amazingly to bring their characters to life and it was so nice to see how much fun they were having. A big thank you to all the parents and family members who came today and also for all your great support through all this. Your children worked so hard, they practiced with such eagerness everyday and they did really great today. Please give them lots of praise!