Today’s Class 5

We had a blast in Class 5 today! Our first activity of the day was a Music Lesson and in this lesson we started practicing a new instrument – the tone chime! The children found it very interesting to hear new sounds and ways of creating music and had lots of fun experimenting with the tone chimes. Next, we tested our Hiragana knowledge and practiced our writing together. The children have progressed so much since the beginning of the year, with regards to their Japanese language abilities and their English language abilities. Last but not least, before lunch time the children each drew their idea of an original train design. Some friends drew animal trains, some friends drew rainbow trains, some friends even drew birthday cake trains and many more! This was really enjoyable, as we could place to drawings next to one another and form a long train track with all of the trains from Class 5! What a wonderful day. Thank you Class 5 and see you next week.