Immersion Day 3

Today we held our 3rd Immersion Day of the year. All of the classes were mixed together and we made 6 special classes for today, each led by a different English Homeroom Teacher. After having exercise and calming time together we each went to our different classrooms to check attendance and to begin today’s games. We had 3 different games today, ‘Feed the Reindeer’ where children had to give the correct carrots to the correct reindeer by matching upper and lowercase letters. We also had ‘Guess the Present’ where children needed to listen carefully to the 3 hints about each present before guessing together what was inside the wrapping paper. The final game was a ‘Tree Relay’ game where children needed to find the matching Christmas ornaments to decorate the 3 Christmas trees. It was fantastic to see the older and younger children working together and helping each other to complete the different games. We still have one more Immersion Day to come before the end of the year and hopefully it will be as fun as it was today!