Today in Class 8

Today was a lot of fun in Class 8! After our morning meeting, we presented in front of the class the storybooks we made last week. Each teams made a story, wrote it in English and then drew a picture for each scenes. It was exciting to listen to all the interesting stories and everyone had a lot of fun. Then, we read some Christmas books and it was so cool because we could look inside some of the 3d pictures! We could see Santa, his reindeers, some Christmas trees, a snowman and we could also see the inside a house all decorated for Christmas. Then, we drew a Christmas picture using so many colors and we added paint on it after. After that, it was time to eat our yummy lunch. Today was World Lunch and the country was Iceland! The food was delicious and we listened to some music from Iceland. Then, we had story time and we read a very funny Christmas book. After that it was already time to go home. Good job today Class 8 friends. You did a great job and we had tremendous fun. See you all tomorrow!