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Today’s Class 2 & Class 7

Class 2 had lots of fun today. We had a good time playing together during Discovery Time while all our friends were arriving. Once everyone was here, we had Morning Meeting. Because today is the start of a new month, we had new stickers, new songs, and new nursery rhymes! When everyone finished their sticker books, we got ready to go outside to Kitakaze Park. Today was the second day of Snowtopia, and we played some relay games in the snow before running across the whole park to get some yummy tangerines. When we got back, it was time for a special Setsubun lunch. After eating and brushing our teeth, it was soon time to say goodbye to everyone. Thanks for a great day. See you tomorrow!

Today in Senior we had SO MUCH fun! After morning Discovery Time we completed a Number Worksheet, before getting our jackets and snowpants ready to go to Norsi Park with the other Senior classes. All of the children had lots of fun sliding down the big slope on their sleds! The teachers lost count of how many times all of the children slid, rolled and slipped down the hill with huge smiles on their faces! After returning to the kindergarten, we enjoyed today’s lunch before playing and then getting ready to go home. Fantastic job everyone and thank you for such a fun day!