Today’s Class 5

Today in Class 5 was a super fun day. We started the day by going to the park and playing with our Junior and Intermediate friends in the snow. We went sledding down the hill, we threw snowballs, we made snowmen, and we played tag – everyone exercised a lot! Once we came back inside we got straight to the morning meeting and talked about our schedule for the day. Next, we opened up the walls, prepared our ogre crafts – because next came the ogre! He was running around IYK! The children were very excited and some were even a little scared – but they overcame their fears and threw their beans at the ogre until he ran away. After that, we returned to our classroom and finished our ogre drawings. Everyone is so creative and talented, bringing to life their imagination and creating their own versions of ogres. Finally, once we’d all finished our ogre drawings, we got ready for lunch time. Everyone was so excited to open their lunch boxes and see what they had for lunch today. Wow, what a fun day! Have a restful weekend everyone and see you on Monday.