Today in Class 8

Today was a lot of fun in Class 8! We went to play in the snow at Kitakaze Park and we had such a good time sliding down the hill. After getting back to the kindergarten, we started the Morning Meeting and we practiced this week’s target phrase during English Conversation Time. All the children could ask the question very nicely and they could answer using a big and clear voice. Then we made a beautiful Hinamatsuri craft using paper cups and origami papers. We followed the steps carefully and the dolls are really nice. After the craft, we worked on our storybooks and everyone enjoyed drawing some super colorful pictures. After that it was time to eat our yummy packed lunch and play a Karuta game. Then we practiced the graduation songs and we could sing them very well. After singing and the doing Goodbye Meeting, it was already time to go home. Great job today Class 8 and see you all soon!