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Open Class Intermediate

Today was the Intermediate Open Class. Class 4 has had a lot of fun with Mr.Mayor over the past month. All the children were very excited to complete Mr.Mayors challenge and receive a present. We spelled words and got to ride a bus to Mr.Mayors town. In the town there were various problems the children had to solve and with everyone demonstrating good team-work the town was saved. Once again thank you to all the parents and family members who came to watch today.

Class 5 had a ton of fun completing Mr. Mayor’s challenges in January & February. Everything they learnt from those challenges we put to good use in today’s English Activity. The children could work together to complete puzzles of jumbled up letters and spell words together. They also used a big voice and spoke a lot of English when helping to save Mr. Mayor’s town from the disasters! Class 5 children showed they could work together, have fun in English and make their biggest efforts to impress their Mums and Dads. Well done Class 5 and thank you to the parents that came to watch our class today.

Today Class 6 had their Open Class. Class 6 children worked together and completed Mr. Mayor’s challenges in January and February and received a ticket to go to his city. In the Open C

lass, they used what they learned from English Conversation Time and Phonics to talk about their favorite color and they were able to sound out letters and spell words. They saved the town by getting different jobs and chose the correct items to help Mr. Mayor solve the problems. I am so happy that Class 6 friends could use English in front of their parents. We hope you enjoy the senior medals. You did such a wonderful job Class 6! Thank you to all the parents and family members who came today.