Today’s Class 2

Class 2 had lots of fun today. After arriving in the morning, we had Discovery Time with Class 3. Then we cleaned up and got out the tables. The children put on their craft smocks and got their crayons so that they could draw faces and other details on their snowmen. We did the painting a few days ago. There were many cute and colourful snowmen. After Morning Meeting and ECT, “What’s your favourite animal?” we got ready for today’s main event. We had shopping with the Preschool children. We got the Pizza Shop and Fish Shop ready with many items put out. Half of the class were shopkeepers and half were customers. Everyone had fun using lots of English to get some cool items like maracas, ice cream, and magic wands. Soon it was time for lunch and Goodbye Meeting time. Thank you for a great day everyone. See you tomorrow!