Immersion Day 4

IYK enjoyed Immersion Day today! All of the children, from Classes 1 to 9, were divided into 6 teams led by an English Teacher. After having Discovery Time and a quick Morning Meeting in their teams, the children got ready to go to Kitakaze Park. In the park, everyone exercised in the snow to get warmed up, before enjoying 2 special English games. In the first game, the children helped feed 3 animals, a bear, a cat and a tiger. Children collected a colour ball each and fed them to the animal with the same coloured hat. The next game was the Polar Bear game. Children had to listen carefully to the instructions, “If you’re wearing black boots” or, “If you’re 4 years old” and then run away from the hungry bears! All of the children had so much fun together and helped each other to play the games. After returning to IYK, the children enjoyed lunch and Discovery Time in their teams before an English book and the days Goodbye Meeting. It was great to see all of the children talking, playing and helping each other. Well done everyone!