Today’s Class 3

Today was a super fun day for Class 3. After arriving at IYK and having Discovery Time with Class 2, we got ready for the day and sat down to practice our pencil control with some line work. After a quick Morning Meeting, it was time to get ready for shopping with the Preschool children. The children have made cool maracas and doughnuts for their shops. Half of the children were shopkeepers and the other half were customers. Everyone went around buying fun and colorful items like pizza, magic wands, ice cream, fish, maracas and doughnuts. Everyone used lots of great English, “What do you want?” “That one, please!” When everyone had finished shopping, we said goodbye to the Preschool friends and got ready for lunch. Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye. Thank you very much for a fun day. See you on Monday!