Today’s Class 4


In Class 4 today it was a half day but a super fun day. In the morning we enjoyed playtime downstairs with Class 7. Children played with hoops, jump ropes, craft paper, and had lots of fun. After playtime we had exercise together with Class 7. All the children did their best using big voices and gestures. After exercise we checked the date and weather with the help from teacher assistants. Finally we all danced to the Wednesday song. All the children sang “Wednesday” loudly. The next part of the day we had Nature Discovery! Children learnt about the water cycle and about the importance of soil. A friend came along Willie the Worm and he taught us more about soil. The children were all very interested and could answer the quiz questions correctly. The last part of the day we did another part of our Father’s Day craft. Children tore up coloured checked paper into small squares, sticking them to the craft. Everyone did a nice job. Finally we had our Goodbye Meeting and went home. A wonderful day Class 4!