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Open English Lesson~Senior~


Class 7
Today Class 7 had their final Open English Lesson! Today’s lesson was the third and last Texture Challenge. All the children have done very well getting ready for today by learning all about describing textures of objects. After a quick phonics exercise with some spelling, we jumped right in. Today’s challenge had them feel some objects while blindfolded and answering questions about them. All of the children did a great job and could guess the correct objects. We were very happy to see them do a well in front of their parents. Tomoko-sensei and I would also like to say thank you to all of the parents who could come today.

Class 8 & 9
Today was the final Open English Lesson for Class 8 & 9. The children have built their English ability over the years and were able to display their abilities today. After a morning greeting we had the children name vehicles by their sound. As well as describing the different textures and answering questions like “What is it?” and “How does it feel?” All the children did a wonderful job today. We were very happy to see all the parents who had the chance to attend.