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Open English Lesson~Intermediate~


Today’s open lesson for Class 4 was so much fun. The children were a little nervous at first but they were all excited to show their parents what they have learned over the past month. The lesson started with Mimi chan missing and the children had to do a spelling challenge to get find her. When the children found out Mimi chan went to New Zealand they sung a New Zealand song and did a magical Maori dance to get there. In New Zealand they helped Mimi chan get food for her animal friends and were rewarded with stickers! Once again I would like to thank all the parents for attending today and hope that everyone enjoyed today’s lesson. – Mr. Johnny

Classes 5 and 6 did a wonderful job during their English lesson today! It was their last chance to help Mr. Hero, a character they met after winter vacation. During the lesson they were able to use lots of English. They talked about locations, like “What’s on the table?”, and their own items, like “It’s my clay!” At the end everyone was able to get a medal. The end of the lesson had lots of fun with a phonics game, and the children did so good when singing their song “I’m a Little Teapot” I was very impressed with their progress and can’t wait to see how they do next year! – Mr. Jason