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Open English Lesson~Junior~


Class 1
Class 1 were a little nervous at the start of today’s Open English Lesson. After warming up with a short phonics game everyone was feeling more confident. Today were we visited by Mr.Ian, Mr.Shay, Mr.Jason and Mr.Johnny (photographs of them, not the real teachers!) and they needed our help. They needed to borrow winter clothing so they could go play in the park. The children did a wonderful job of choosing their favourite patterns and clothing and helping to dress the 4 teachers. Once they were ready for the park we sang our special park song and watched as the 4 teachers had fun playing in the snow. Ryoko-sensei and I would again like to thank all of the parents for taking the time to attend today’s class and for their continued support throughout the past 11 months.

Class 2 & 3
Classes 2 and 3 had so much fun today at the Open English lesson. They did so well singing and dancing as a special present for their mums and dads. We saw our friends Rosie and Jim in their brand new snow wear. Rosie’s snow wear was so nice, decorated with lots of shapes. Jim was sad because his snow wear wasn’t cute so we visited the sticker shop. Well done everyone for remembering all the shapes in English! It can be daunting for them with so many people watching but they did a really fantastic job. Thank you to everyone who came along today; from myself, Naomi-sensei and Nao-sensei.