Today’s Class 1


Today in Class 1 we had so much fun. It’s only our second day and it was short but we were able to do some fun activities. After discovery time, we had the morning meeting. The children are already beginning to remember the “Good Morning Song” and try hard to say “I’m here,” when their names are called. We had fun having exercise time with Classes 2 and 3. Once we came back to the classroom, the children got their “present” from Mr. Delivery: crayons! The children used their crayons to color donuts and make them look delicious. Everyone did so good and we could do all the activities while using a lot of English. Once finished, we had read a book and had the goodbye meeting. The children seem more comfortable withg the classroom and I saw more smiles than yesterday. I really look forward to more fun this week, this month, and this year. Great job today, everyone!