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IYK English Overnight Experience ~1st day~


Today’s English Overnight Experience was so much fun! This year the theme is ‘Camp IYK’ and all of the children became Camp Rangers for an American style camping experience. After arriving and eating smorz and drinking ‘bug juice’ the children received their sashes and began completing activities to gain merrit badges to put on their sashes. First there was the Physical challenge where a bear visited and taught us how to walk like bears and do different fun relay races. Next the children all made cute dream catchers to help them sleep well and to protect them from any more bears! After receiving their craft merrit badge the children ate their delicious camp dinner, then watched and helped an unhappy camper find all of his lost camping items. Finally we all sang camp songs around the camp fire before getting ready for bed. Tomorrow will be another fun day and the chance for the children to get their fifth and final merrit badges before going home. All of the children did fantastic today and had lots of fun.