HOMEMESSAGE FROM IYK > 「天与の才能」を探り、「やる気」を高める環境づくり


 絶好の日和に恵まれたPhysical Festivalでは、一人ひとりのお子さまが、それぞれの持ち味を力一杯発揮し、頑張り抜きました。日程や会場でご不便をかけましたが、ご家族お揃いで温かいご声援を下さり、厚くお礼申し上げます。


 Physical Festivalの約一週間後には「年長組グループ発表会」が幼稚園の園庭で行われ、年長組は、年中組の前で一輪車、竹馬、縄跳びの発表を行いました。Physical Festival当日は会場のお客さまから、そしてグループ発表会の日には、先生達や年中組から惜しみない拍手をもらった年長組のお子さま達は、みんな誇らしげな顔をし、「継続して練習する大切さ」も学び、大きな励みになりました。そして年中組は、「一輪車をやってみたい。」「縄跳びをもっと跳べるようになりたい。」などと憧れの気持ちを抱き、来年の活動を今から楽しみにしております。





 幼稚園では、Physical Festivalの余韻に浸るまもなく、11月に行われるHyogen Festivalに向けて動き始めております。お子さま達の「天与の才能」を探りつつ、「やる気」、「向上心」を刺激し、Physical Festivalとはまた違う「成長」と「発達」を促す環境づくりに力を注いでまいります。

Each and every child could do their best on the Physical Festival. We regret that the date and place was changed but we thank you for cheering on your child. Thank you to all the parents and PTA members who helped make the day great.

A week after the Physical Festival was the senior group presentation where the seniors showed their jump rope, stilts and unicycle skills to the Intermediates. The seniors received warm applause on the Physical Festival day and could learn the importance of practicing. There were also some comments from the intermediates like “I want to try the unicycle” and “I want to get better at jump rope”.

Unicycling, stilts and Jump rope are key components of building an able body. This leads to such results as building muscle mass, improving hand co-ordination, improving jaw muscles, making stronger teeth and a sense of balance.

Educationally it has a great effect on children and it can foster this talent. This knowledge strives to foster ability within all children.
As children are born with an innate curiosity which is motivation. However, for this motivation to succeed it must be nurtured in the correct environment. For this motivation to not be lost it has to have a decisive person behind it. We encourage children to be motivated and look forward.

In this society it is important to be competitive and encourage children to find what they are interested in. The Kindergarten is preparing for the Hyogen Festival in November. We hope to foster each child’s motivation and completeness so they can grow and develop in a different way to the physical festival.