• 2021.06.30Today’s Class 5

    Class 5 had lots of fun today. It was a half day, but we had lots to do. After tying bows and writing their names, the class went over to Kitakaze Park to play. Many friends like to run around, play tag, find bugs, and pick flowers. It was a hot one in the park. When we got back we had morning meeting, then had an English Activity. We learned about natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, volcanos, and tornadoes. Then the children got to work making their own tornadoes with bottles, beads, and colored water. After putting them together, we spun them around and saw the tornado twist around inside the bottles. Next we did some physical activities. First we did summersaults, then the children practiced supporting their weight on the iron bar. Soon it was time to go. What a great day. See you tomorrow!
  • 2021.06.29Birthday Party

    Today was the June birthday party, and it was a lot of fun! First the birthday children marched into the room to the sound of friends clapping. Then the birthday children were able to introduce themselves and how old they were in front of all of their friends. Next, their classmates lined up to present the birthday children with presents from their classes. Finally, the children watched a birthday play from the English teachers where a gingerbread-man cookie came to life and had to avoid being eaten! The play ended with everyone as friends, and they wished a “happy birthday” to today’s birthday children before leaving. To all the children born in June, have a very happy birthday!
  • 2021.06.28Today’s Intermediate

  • 2021.06.25Today’s Class 9

  • 2021.06.24Today’s class 8

    今日のClass 8はSwimming Lessonからスタートしました!すこし前までは水を怖がっていたお子さまもいましたが、最近では怖がることなく潜れるようになったので、蹴伸びやラッコなどにどんどん挑戦するようになり成長を感じました。水の中で思い切り動き、今日もとても楽しいSwimming Lessonになりました☆ Lesson後は部屋に戻り、お箸競争を行いました。ふわふわのスポンジボールをお箸で隣のボウルに30秒以内に移す競争です。どのお子さまも真剣な表情で取り組んでいましたよ。思うようにいかずに悔しくてなってしまったお子さまもいましたが、悔しさをバネに、給食ではお箸を積極的に使い、給食後には友達と誘い合ってお箸競争の特訓が始まっていました。明日はグループ活動があります!楽しみにしていてくださいね!
  • 2021.06.23Today’s Class 7

    Class 7 had lots of fun today! After the children arrived at IYK, we had lots of fun playing with our friends, doing our morning exercise together, and dancing to ‘Every day’s a Beautiful Day’. We also asked our friends about their favourite foods during English Conversation Time using nice, clear voices. After the Morning Meeting, the children put the finishing touches to their portrait paintings. Everyone had been concentrating very hard while painting portraits of their friend’s face, and today we were able to use crayons to add facial features such as the eyes, nose and mouth. The children also had fun playing a cool UFO game, and each group attempted to get their alien as close to the planet as possible. We were also able to practice playing our tone chimes today, and the children of Class 7 are improving everyday. Good job, Class 7!
  • 2021.06.22Today’s Class6

     今日のClass6は、3つのミッションがある大忙しの1日でした。1つ目のミッションは七夕製作☆昨日ハサミで切った星柄の服を折ったり、パーツをのりで貼り合わせたり…小さな星や飾りをつけるのに少々苦労しましたが、完成した作品を見たお子さま達は「かわいい~!」と目を輝かせていましたよ。2つ目のミッションは『らっきー』が準備してくれた文字プリント。今回は「こ」と「て」の書き方を再確認し、ゆっくり丁寧に書くことができました。3つ目のミッションはSwimming lesson!水の中に潜ることもへっちゃらなお子さまが沢山で、『らっこさん』や『スーパーマン』、『飛び込み』など様々な活動に積極的に挑戦していましたよ。Class6は登園時刻に合わせて時間差で活動を進めていますが、早コースでは朝の時間Class3・7・8の友達と遊ぶことが大好きで、遅コースでは帰る前にサロンで絵本を見ることが日課になっています。明日はどんな楽しいことが待っているのか、お楽しみに!
  • 2021.06.21Today’s Class 5

    Today was a very fun day for everyone in Class 5. After arriving, practicing writing our names and tying a bow, we went to play in Kitakaze Park. Everyone was exciting about catching butterflies, and we found some caterpillars. After getting some fun exercise, we went back to the classroom for Morning Meeting, ECT and phonics. We did physical activity today, and everyone is getting better at jump rope. After that we had Nature Discovery with the other Intermediate classes where we did a quiz about the Japanese food groups. Then we colored our birthday presents for this month’s birthday friends. Soon, it was time for lunch and discovery time. Before we knew it, it was time to go home. What a fun day. See you tomorrow everyone!
  • 2021.06.18Today’s Class 4

    Today was a lot of fun in Class 4. We started with a trip to Kitakaze park where we played soccer with Class 5. It was great to see the children kick the ball around the park and score a lot of goals. After we returned to Class 4 we had a morning meeting followed by alphabet writing time. Today’s letter was “R” and everyone could suggest a lot of words for this letter and draw things that started with the letter “R” such as a rainbow. After some writing time we drew some animals and played with straw structures after lunch. Well done Class 4!
  • 2021.06.17Today’s Class 2

    After we played at the park today, we watered our tomatoes! Everyone was super excited about watering their plants. Many of the plants have baby tomatoes coming, so the children are eagar to check on them as often as they can! Today we used the iron bars for physical time! The children were all challenged to hang like monkeys for ten seconds! Next time, they will be challenged to hang on for even longer! Vietnam was the country introduced to the children today for world lunch! The children enjoyed learning the vietnamese greeting, listening to vietnamese music, and eating delicious vietnamese food!