• 2021.09.30Today’s Elephant Class

    Elephant Class was so much fun today! The children got to make their own farms by picking any 3 animals they liked. The could choose from horses, cows, sheep, ducks, and pigs. Everyone could say the animal they got and many children said the animal’s English sound like “oink” for pigs, all by themselves! We sang “Old McDonald had a Farm” but changed the lyrics to each child’s name. After that, the children enjoyed their lunch boxes and had lots of time to play together before going home. Please have a fun and safe weekend and we’ll see you all next week!
  • 2021.09.29Today’s Class 2

    Class 2 had a another fantastic day! During Discovery Time, some of the children have been recently enjoying setting up wooden blocks and knocking them over like dominoes! Everyone was also super excited to have their first Music Lesson in a long time! The children were able to play with a familiar instrument from the first term (tambourine), but the real fun was playing with some new instruments! The children challenged themselves with wood blocks and triangles. Playing the percussion instruments to the rhythm of the music was so much fun! Today’s teacher’s assistants did a fantastic job as with the rest of the children this month. It is exciting to see everybody catch on to leading the class with more and more confidence!
  • 2021.09.28August & September Birthday party

    今日は、8月生まれと9月生まれのお友達のBirthday Partyを行いました。年少組さんはちょっぴり緊張していましたが、名前と「I’m 4!」を元気に答えていて素敵でしたよ!年中組さんはニッコニコで誕生会をとても楽しんでいました!年長組はさすのお兄さんお姉さん!格好いい姿を見せてくれました。8月9月生まれは総勢38名!たくさんのお子さまがまた1つ大きくなりました。本当におめでとうございます。教師からみんなへのプレゼントは、「やすやすさんのつくって遊ぼう!」でした。牛乳パックや新聞紙などで、すぐにつくって遊べるおもちゃを紹介しました。ぜひ、ご家庭やクラスで楽しんでみてくださいね。つくり方が分からないときは、クラスの先生に聞いてみてください。10月のBirthday Partyも楽しみですね!

  • 2021.09.27防災避難訓練③~火災~


  • 2021.09.24Today’s Class 1

    Today was lots of fun in Class 1. We helped some fish family friends back to their houses, “It’s father shark!” followed by a game of musical chairs. We then went to the park with the other Junior and Intermediate classes and had a fun picnic and playtime in the sun! Great job everyone, have a fun weekend and see you all on Monday.
  • 2021.09.22Today’s Bear Class

    Today’s Bear Class was so much fun! Last week, the children helped put our farm animals in the farm but there were so many, so we gave each animal its own habitat. The children could walk like animals and then pick their favorite animal. Some friends picked a “duck” while others picked a “cow”, a “sheep”, or a “horse”. They could match the animals and even remembered their English sounds for animals like “moo” and “quack”. We enjoyed dancing and sticker time too. Our class went by so fast since we had so much fun.
  • 2021.09.21かけっこ・リレー動画撮り & Today’s Elephant Class

    今日は各学年、「かけっこ」と「リレー」の動画撮りを行いました。暑すぎず、風もない穏やかな天気の中、北風公園を全速力で走っていたお子さま達。よーいドン!の合図で、歯を食いしばって一生懸命走るお子さま、ニコニコ笑顔で走るお子さま、「やーー!」と声を出して走るお子さま、様々でとても可愛らしかったです。年長組さんは、頭にはちまきをつけて、リレーも頑張っていましたよ。今年度は残念ながら動画配信の形になったPhysical Festivalですが、今日までの経験を通して、からだを思い切り動かす楽しさ、友達と競い合う楽しさ、そして心を一つにして協力して取り組む楽しさなどを感じ、一人一人の心がより豊かになったと思います。帰りにはキラキラのメダル、そして「父母の会」からボールがプレゼントされ、とても嬉しそうにしていたお子さま達でした。動画配信をぜひお楽しみにしていて下さいね。

    Today in Elephant Class we had lots of fun helping our farm animal friends. The children could dig through a box of hay and find the same animals as the teachers. Then, they put the animals in the pen to help the farmer. Everyone could say the animals names “cow”, “horse”, “duck”, and “sheep” by themselves. They also remembered each animal’s sound in English like “moo” for cows. Great job everyone and thank you for helping on our farm!
  • 2021.09.17Today’s Class 9

    今日はPhysical Festivalのダンスを動画に撮りました。今まで練習してきたダンスの成果をお父さまやお母さまに見せたいと大張り切りだったお子さま達は、朝から「今日頑張ろうね!」と気合十分。園庭に行くと「手がお空に届くくらい伸ばして踊ろうね!」などと、今まで練習の中で意識していた部分を声かけ合いながら思い出す姿も見られました。ダンスもexerciseも力一杯踊ることができ、大喜びな年長組です。お部屋では、カプラ、製作、ストロートイなどで遊びました。ストロートイでは、みんなでアイディアをだしあったり、協力して大きなお城をつくるなどして楽しむ姿が見られ、全部のストローを繋げると嬉しそうに見せてくれましたよ。

  • 2021.09.16Today’s class 8

    今日のClass 8は、Physical FestivalのVideo撮影前、最後の練習に取り組みました!ダンスでは、手をピンと伸ばしてかっこよく踊っていました。しゃがんだり立ったりするところも素早い動きで、さすが8組さんでした。リレーやかけっこも思い切り取り組んで、どんどん早く走れるようになってきましたね。明日はいよいよダンスとExerciseの本番です!やる気満々で幼稚園に来てくださいね!発見活動では、最近はカプラで傑作をつくるようになってきました!大きな作品も、台上がって大人の背丈ほどのものをつくっていて素敵でした。
  • 2021.09.15Today’s Class 7

    Today, we had lots of fun in Class 7! The children arrived and played together with their friends during Discovery Time, before doing our Morning Exercise together. After our Morning Meeting, we sang our September song, ‘A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea’, in a nice, clear voice. The children worked hard to write hiragana in their workbooks, before heading outside to practice their Physical Festival dance. Class 7 have been working very hard over the past few weeks in order to do the best dance they can. Everyone held their flags with straight arms and listened carefully to the music. After practicing our dance, we went to Kitakaze Park to practice racing for Physical Festival. Everyone ran so fast! We then played in the park together on the slide and the swings. It was so much fun! Good job, Class 7! Let’s have lots of fun tomorrow too!