• 2022.04.28Today’s Class 1

    Class 1 had lots of fun today. We started the day with doing a Phonics Activity. The children posted pictures into the matching letter postbox. After this we had Physical Time where we jumped from a box and crawled through a long tunnel. The children had big smiles on their faces as they emerged from the tunnel. Then Eric the Elephant came to the classroom and gave the children a present of glue. We used this present straight away when finishing our craft for Mothers Day. The children then drew pictures in their sketchbooks. There were some lovely pictures including a rainbow and a dinosaur. For lunch today we had corn soup, bread with jam, a colourful salad, an orange slice and chicken nuggets. The children enjoyed their lunch and there were many clean plates at the end of lunch. Before we knew it the day was over and it was time for the children to go home. Have a good 3 day weekend and we will see you on Monday.
  • 2022.04.27Today’s Class 9

    毎日「今日は何して遊ぶ?」と1日の予定を嬉しそうに聞いているClass 9。発見活動では、動物や虫の模型のおもちゃを観察したり、模型の中からカブトムシを集めて図鑑で調べる姿や、Craftコーナーで紙飛行機を折って楽しむ姿が見られました。クラス活動では、シャボン玉を絵の具で塗って遊びました。年長になってからゲットした12色の絵の具セットから好きな色を選んで、カラフルなシャボン玉を仕上げると、大喜びで友達と見せ合っていたお子さま達でした。
  • 2022.04.26April Birthday Party

    Today was a very special day at IYK, because it was the April birthday party! All of the children were very excited to get together and celebrate with their friends! During the birthday party, we sang the Happy Birthday song with big, happy voices, and gave special birthday presents to the April birthday friends. The children were also visited by the Three Little Pigs, who were able to find some yummy foods. But then the Big Bad Wolf came and wanted to eat the Three Little Pigs – he blew down their houses and chased them! But the brick house was too strong, and the Three Little Pigs decided to share their yummy birthday cake with the Big Bad Wolf instead. At lunch time, the children had a special birthday lunch with delicious Genghis Khan meat and grape jelly! It was so yummy! It was such a fun day! Happy Birthday!
  • 2022.04.25Today’s Class 6

     今日のClass 6は、お当番カードづくりをしました。今年はお子さま達が「宇宙飛行士」に変身し、自分のカードの順番が回ってきたら、お当番の仕事を頑張ります!自分だけのカードが分かるように、まずはマーカーで名前を書き、その次は宇宙服をカラフルにデコレーションしました。最後に、宇宙服のヘルメットの中に入るお子さま達のスマイル写真を撮影し、準備OK!「早くカードできないかな」と完成を心待ちにしているお子さま達でした。お当番カードづくりの後は、文字プリントや、自分の名前プリントに挑戦し、いよいよ楽しみにしていた給食の時間。「スパゲッティ大好き!」と口いっぱいに頬張りながら食べた結果、お子さま達の口はオレンジ色に。お互いの顔を見合わせて思わず笑ってしまうClass 6でした。
  • 2022.04.22Today’s Class 3

    In Class 3 today, we had a school tour challenge from IYK-kun. The children explored the first floor of the kindergarten and collected two stickers for their tour cards. On Monday, they will explore the basement and search for a special shiny sticker! In today’s English Activity, we reviewed patterns and colors by helping bunny hang up his socks. Class 3 also had a special phonics review activity. The children chose a vocabulary card and put it in either the A or B mail box. The children did a fantastic job at matching the starting sound of the card they had. So far, Class 3 has learned the letters A through D in phonics time!
  • 2022.04.21Today in Class 7

    Today in Class 7 we had lots of fun with our brand new paints! Everyone listened so carefully to the instructions and could use their paint sets so well to create their Children’s Day craft. Today was also World Lunch and everyone was SO excited to eat everything and to get their first World Lunch Sticker of the year! There was enough time to play again after finishing lunch, before it was time to go home! It was great to see everyone again and the teachers had so much fun! See you tomorrow!
  • 2022.04.20Today’s Class 8

    Today was so much fun in Class 8! The children arrived with big smiles and played with their friends during Discovery Time. We were then able to do our morning exercise and calming time with our friends in Class 4. Before the Morning Meeting, the children had lots of fun during English Conversation Time (ECT), asking questions to their friends in English. During the Morning Meeting, we had lots of fun singing and dancing to the ‘Colours’ song! The children worked very hard completing lots of phonics challenges, spelling and reading words, and writing the missing letters. We also got a letter from the Queen with a special quiz, in which the children worked together with their friends to choose the longest river, the tallest building, and the highest mountains in the USA, Japan, and the UK. It was such an eventful day, and we look forward to having lots more fun tomorrow! Good job, Class 8!
  • 2022.04.19Elephant Class Opening Ceremony

    今日はElephant Class(火金)のOpening Ceremonyでした!お父さまやお母さまと一緒に少し緊張した様子で登園したお子さま達。Morning meetingが始まると、お天気のダンスを一生懸命したり、名前を呼ばれると嬉しそうにタンバリンをたたく様子がとても可愛らしかったです。金曜日からも元気なElephant Classのお子さま達に会えることを楽しみに待っています!

  • 2022.04.18Elephant Class Opening Ceremony

    今日はElephant Class(月木)のOpening Ceremonyでした!初めてのお部屋や先生達に少し緊張した表情のお子さま達でしたが、おもちゃを見つけると夢中になって遊び始めていましたね!Morning Meetingでは、お名前を呼ばれると「I’m here」とタンバリンをたたいたり、スティッカーブックを受け取ると嬉しそうにめくる姿がとても可愛らしかったです。これからElephant Classでたくさん遊んで楽しい思い出をつくりましょうね!木曜日も元気なお子さま達に会うことを楽しみにしています!
  • 2022.04.15Today’s Class 5

    Today was a lot of fun! We started our day with exercise with both intermediate friends and senior friends combined and we did the robot dance. After that we introduced the schedule for the day and dove straight into our English alphabet writing worksheet, which everyone was very excited for and completed perfectly! After that we finished our carp craft from yesterday by glueing our colourful stripes and adding an eye and a mouth. From here, we enjoyed lunch time together and followed lunch up with playtime, a book time story and our goodbye meeting for the day, where we reviewed today’s schedule and what we will on Monday.
    Thank you everyone for a great day, we look forward to seeing you on Monday! See you!