• 2023.10.31Halloween Party

    Today was the IYK Halloween Party! All of the children have been excited for this event all month! Each day during October, the children have practiced calling out “Knock, knock, knock, trick or treat?” to open the haunted house doors to receive many letters coming from Meg the witch and her friends, asking for help to get ingredients for a magic spell.

    Today, the children were split into 12 different teams, with children from the Junior, Intermediate and Senior grades all working together to retrieve the ingredients they needed from 4 different rooms. Everyone helping the sad bat to float again by dancing together with it. All of the children passed the spider’s quizzes to get pieces of a shiny key back to open the box to get their items. Everyone could feed worms to the hungry monster as well as find a key for the candy-man’s treasure box. After completing all of the tasks, the children went to the basement to give the spell items to Meg, who then used them in a special spell! All of the IYK children looked fantastic today and had so much fun. Well done everyone! Happy Halloween!
  • 2023.10.30October Birthday Party

    Today was the birthday party for the friends born in October. Everyone did such a great job to say their names and their age with a big and loud voice. Well done everyone! Then all the birthday friends presented the birthday presents very nicely saying a big Happy Birthday! Today’s play was done by the English Teachers as a present for the October Birthday friends. The play was Meg and Mog doing a magic potion spell party. After accidentally transforming the witches into mice, Meg and Mog asked all the IYK friends to help tomorrow during the Halloween Party and get some special ingredients. It’s for a potion to change the mice back into witches. Then the play finished with finding a cake inside the cauldron and all the teachers said a big Happy birthday! Lastly, the teachers showed some pinatas and invited the children to have fun in their classroom and find the special tickets inside the pinatas. Thank you everyone it was a great party! Let’s have fun for tomorrow’s Halloween party!
  • 2023.10.27Today’s Intermedate

  • 2023.10.27Today’s Elephant Class

    Today Elephant Class enjoyed their Halloween Party and everyone had such great costumes! We were so happy to see everyone and we took lots of pictures as we had fun throughout the day. The children helped use “magic” to make a key to open the Halloween box full of yummy cookies. The children could all say “trick or treat” and dance like Halloween creatures such as bats, skeletons, ghosts, etc. Have a wonderful Halloween and see you all next, next week.
  • 2023.10.26Today’s Class 9

    今日のClass 9は、Swimming lessonやEnglish playで行う”Little mermaid”のセリフ・歌を楽しみました。
    Swimming lessonでは、”けのび”や”背浮き”に挑戦!以前は水に顔をつけることが苦手だったお子さまもいましたが、最近では「5秒つけてみる!」などと自分からチャレンジする積極的な姿が見られるようになってきました。また、プールが得意なお子さまは、「バタフライもできるよ!」「クロール上手だよ!」と、できる泳ぎを見せてくれ、みんなが「泳げるようになりたい!」と意欲を高めるきっかけになってくれています。レッスン最後のみんなで水遊びをする時間では、お友達と泳ぎ鬼ごっこをしたり、潜って遊ぶなど、体をいっぱいに使って楽しんでいましたよ!
    午後からは、English playのセリフをMs. Riannaに教えてもらったり、明日つくる”紙皿ダイナソー”に使う紙皿に絵の具で色を塗ったりして過ごしました。Art Monthの絵画活動やHyogen Festivalに向けた活動、Halloween partyなど、心待ちにしていることがたくさんで、「あと〇〇回寝たらできるね!」などと、楽しみにしているイベントや活動までの日数を指折り数えているお子さま達でした。明日もEnglish playやMusicがパワーアップできるように、みんなで力を合わせて頑張りましょうね!
  • 2023.10.26Today’s Elephant Class

    Elephant Class had so much fun at today’s Halloween Party! We were so happy to see all the children’s cute costumes. Thank you to the parents for all your preparation and hard work. The children could get cookies from a Halloween friend but first they had to use magic to make a key to open the box the treats were inside of. Everyone could say “trick or treat” and dance like bats, black cats, monsters, and more. In the end, everyone got cookies and were very happy. Great job and see you next week!
  • 2023.10.25Today’s Class 8

    Today in Class 8 we practiced our lines for Hyogen Festival. Everyone was very excited to learn their character’s lines and the children were thinking very hard to add gestures as well. The children could also practice the play’s final song. Everyone is getting very good and they can already sing the song so well. Then it was time to go to Kitakaze Park to take our group picture with all the Seniors for this year’s photo album. The weather was very good and all the children were excited. The sun was shining very brightly in our eyes but we all did our best to give our best smiles. Then it was time to eat our yummy packed lunch box and to go back home after. Well done today everyone!

  • 2023.10.25Today’s Bear Class

    Today the Bear Class parents and children had a “Halloween Party” and enjoyed a special Halloween-themed English activity. The children and some parents all wore such wonderful costumes. Everyone could help the witch use magic to make a key and open the box of yummy Halloween treats. Great job saying “trick or treat” and dancing like bats, black cats, monsters, and more. Have a Happy Halloween next week and see you soon!
  • 2023.10.24Today’s Class 7

    Today in Class 7 we started by having tone chime practice in our music lesson. Yasue-sensei was full of praise for the children as they tried so hard to perfect their rhythm and timing. We then completed a katakana print, before starting a new craft. We painted paper plates last week and today we cut, drew and decorated the faces and wings to make owls. Next we used wool to thread through the plate to make the body of our owls. It was a little difficult, but everyone did so well weaving their wool in and out of the plates. Great job everyone.
  • 2023.10.23Today’s Senior・年少組園外教育

    今日の年長組は『きのこCooking』を行い、School lunchに入れる舞茸を切る準備をしました。まず最初にきのこの『栄養素』や『種類』について知り、きのこは体にとって沢山の良いことがあることを知りました。きのこについて知った後は、手をしっかりと洗っていよいよCookingです!初めて舞茸を触るお子さまもいたようで、「こんな匂いするんだ!」「なんかふわふわしているね!」と五感を使ってCookingを楽しんでいましたよ。「この大きさならジュニアさんでも食べられるかな」などと、他のクラスの友達が給食を食べていることを考えながら心を込めてきのこを割いていたお子さま達。たくさんの舞茸の準備ができた後には、「Yummy!Yummy!Yummy!」と、ご飯が美味しくなるMagic wordを大きな声で唱え、「これでバッチリ美味しくなったね!」と大満足の様子でした。