• 2022.10.31Halloween Party

    Today was the Halloween party. All the children received letters from the Skeleton over the last month. The SKeleton did too much dancing and all his bones went everywhere. It was up to the children to complete games and find the bones. In the Mummy room the children knocked over bad mummies to get the bone back. In the Witch room the children did a dance and found a cat who was hiding the bones. In the Frankenstein room the children avoided the mad scientist and powered up three monsters to get a bone. Once all these bones were brought back to the skeleton the skeleton came to life and danced with the children. The skeleton was so happy that he gave the children many presents. During this day we also learned about Mexican culture and made sugarskulls for Day of the Dead. It was great to see so many cute, scary and cool costumes from the children this year and a lot of fun was had by all!
  • 2022.10.28年少Milk Challenge

    今日は年少組でエミナ主催の“Milk Challenge”がありました。3クラスが集合し、みんなで「うっしー!」と元気に呼ぶと、牛の着ぐるみを来たエミナの方が登場。「うしだー!」とみんな大喜びでしたよ。まず始めは牛についての紙芝居や、バターやアイスなどミルクからできる製品のクイズなどを楽しみました。クイズでは、「ヨーグルトもだよね!」「チーズは?」と一生懸命考える姿が見られました。その後は、みんなで塗り絵タイムです。牛の顔が書かれた紙に、好きな色を塗ったり、模様を描いたりと、思い思いに色塗りを楽しみました。先生にホッチキスでとめてもらうと素敵なお面が完成!どのお子さまも嬉しそうにかぶっていました。最後は楽しみにしていた試食タイム。牛乳が入ったシスコーンとミルク蒸しパンが配られると、「いい匂いする!」と待ちきれない様子のお子さま達。いただきますをすると、とってもおいしそうな表情で夢中になって食べていました。帰りには自分でつくったお面を大事にスペアバッグにしまい、「ママに見せる!」と張り切って降園していきました。

  • 2022.10.27Today’s Class 9

    「今日の給食はカレーだって!」と、大喜びで登園してきた9組さん。今日はみんなでSwimming lessonに参加しました。大好きなSwimmingのコーチに会うと、「今日ラッコさんやる?」など、練習内容を聞きながら期待を高めており、レッスンに積極的に参加する姿が見られました。今日のレッスンで行ったのは、ボビング、カエルジャンプやふし浮きなど。お子さま達は水にどんどん慣れ、「お水の中でぶくぶくするの簡単だよ!」と得意気に話したり、バタ足でいつもより長い距離を進もうとチャレンジしていましたよ。プールが終わった後は、お待ちかねのカレーライスをみんなでモリモリ食べました。おかわりをたくさんして、大満足のお子さま達。English Playに向けた活動では、セリフを上手に言えるようになってきて、自信もついてきたようです。明日もみんなで元気に遊びましょうね!
  • 2022.10.26Today in Class 8

    Today in Class 8 was so much fun! We went to the park to play and run. We looked for some leaves and we also noticed that the ground was frozen at some places. We went back to the classroom, and it was time to finish our tree craft. We could cut so many colorful leaves and then glue them on the tree. Everyone was so happy because the craft looked really good! After that we went outside to try the parachutes that we made during English Activities. Everyone could go to the top of the athletic and let their parachute fly. It was so exciting to watch all the parachutes glide and spin! And then it was time to practice our songs for Hyogen festival. Everyone could sing the first few verses well. We can’t wait to practice more tomorrow!
  • 2022.10.25Today’s Class 3

    Today, Class 3 went swimming. Everyone did a fantastic job doing “crab” all the way around the pool as well as “crocodile” and “frog.” Many friends were able to handle difficult things like going under the water without crying! After lunch, we practiced matching upper-case and lower-case letters for Phonics Time. The children had to look through the “ABC apples” on the floor and find a match! Everyone is getting so fast at this short phonics exercise now. The children even get excited whenever they see the “ABC apples” come out for Phonics Time. Before going home, some friends also colored their character necklaces for Hyogen Festival practice. It was a great day today in Class 3.
  • 2022.10.24October Birthday Party

    今日のBirthday partyでは、13人のお祝いをしました。誕生児のお子さま達は、たくさんのお友達を前でも名前や年齢を元気に発表したり、大好きなお友達からのプレゼントに大喜びの様子でした。また、誕生会の中でスペシャルゲストにピアニストの方をお招きし、幼稚園がピアノコンサート会場に変身!ショパンのエチュードという曲や、お子さま達が大好きなアニメの「SPY×FAMILY」「ONEPEACE」の曲を演奏をしていただき、聞きながら一緒に指を動かしてみたり、嬉しそうに歌をうたうお子さま達の姿が見られるなど、とても貴重で素敵な時間を過ごすことができました。来月にはHyougen FestivalでのMusic発表があるので、今日のピアノ演奏のように、大好きなご家族のみなさまにも感動をお届けできるように一生懸命頑張ろうという気持ちが強く芽生えた様子のお子さま達でした。
  • 2022.10.21Immersion Day Shopping Event

    Today was Immersion Day at IYK and the children of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 held a shopping event. Over the past few weeks, the children have all been working hard to create items for their shops, as well as signs to display what they were selling and wallets to keep their money in. The Junior classes made yummy pizzas and colourful telescopes, the Intermediates made delicious spaghetti and animal puppets, whilst the Senior friends made refreshing ice lollies and spinning tops. The older children did a great job taking care of their younger friends and everyone had the chance to practice being shopkeepers and customers. There was so much English being used today, “Welcome to the ___ shop, what do you want?” as everyone chose their products carefully, “May I have this one, please?” All of the children did a fantastic job, had lots of fun and are all looking forward to the next Immersion Day in December.
  • 2022.10.20避難訓練〜ミサイル〜

  • 2022.10.19Today’s Class 2

    We really had a blast in Class 2 today! After everyone arrived, we practiced the Skeleton Dance together, then settled down for the Morning Meeting. Class 2 Teacher’s Assistants really did a great job today. For our English Activity, we received a letter from the Tickle Monster. The Blue Ghost had taken his ears, so Class 2 had to find some bugs for him to give them back. It was lots of fun, and everyone cheered when the Tickle Monster got his ears back. Next, we practiced writing the number 5. And then it was time to practice for Hyogen Festival. Everyone could call out, “We are Cats!” “We are Ducks!” in a nice big voice. Soon it was time for lunch, and some playtime. After an emergency drill, we cleaned up and got ready for tomorrow’s Immersion Day. See you tomorrow, everyone!
  • 2022.10.18Today in Class 1

    Today in Class 1 we had swimming lesson. Everyone in Class 1 is getting much better at changing by themselves before the swimming lesson. Today we practiced running in the water, jumping into the pool, crawling round the edge and jumping from one bench to another. Class 1 are gaining so much confidence every lesson and everyone loves going swimming in the pool. After changing our clothes and going back to the classroom we did swirls in our line work books. Class 1 are getting better at following the lines and being more accurate with their pencils. We then ate a yummy lunch, wrote our names in English during Discovery Time and then it was time to go home. We look forward to seeing Class 1 tomorrow.