• 2022.06.14Senior Open Class

    Today was the Senior Open Class day. Class 7 received 3 space challenges from Captain Planet to be able to get their ‘Space Ranger’ badges. They could all put the planets in order of size, from biggest to smallest, as well as arrange them by temperature, ordering them from hottest to coldest. The final challenge was to play a special Top Trumps card game together. Everyone could overcome their nerves to be able to speak in front of their parents and use large, confident voices to complete the challenges. Great job everyone and thank you to all of the parents that visited today to show support for your children.

    Class 8 went to space in another exciting English activity with Doctor Planet!
    Last week, all planets disappeared into a black hole, so Class 8 learned about planets and created new ones using what they had learned. Today, students traveled to space with them! Once we arrived in space, Class 8 gave fantastic presentations to the class and parents. Students were able to use phrases like “It has” as well as “It’s bigger than ___” in order to describe their wonderful planets.
    Doctor Planet was so pleased, he may ask for more help from Class 8! Well done everyone and thank you to the parents who visited to support their children today.

    Class 9の参観日は、俳句のチャレンジに挑戦しました。みんなの俳句の実力を試すためのチャレンジを届けてくれる魔女のハイックさんからの手紙で、いつも詠んでいる俳句の季語がバラバラになってしまったことを知ったお子さま達。みんなでバラバラになった季語を探す時には、暗号を解くためのヒントを考えてアイディアを出す姿が見られました。有名な俳人をよく知っているみんなは、季語が隠されているBOXも軽々開けることができましたね!