• 2021.01.21Today’s Class 4


    Today was a lot of fun in Class 4. We started the day with a swimming lesson and it is great to see all the children getting better at swimming. This was followed by a letter from the ABC magicians. Everyone enjoys spelling three letter words and were very happy to get cards they could use in a card game. Next we made Birthday presents for the January Birthday children and had a delicious school lunch. Everyone is looking forward to going to Kitakaze park tomorrow and getting a letter from Humpty Dumpty to have even more fun with flying things! Well done Class 4.
  • 2021.01.20Today’s Class 3


    今日の3組さんは2回目の雪遊びでした!「米ぞり持って行く?」「また、雪合戦しよう!」などと、昨日から楽しみにしていたお子さま達。3学期になり、毎日、スキーウエアで登園し、着脱の練習を兼ねている甲斐あって、自分で身支度を整えることも上手になってきましたよ。北風公園では、昨日から降り積もった雪に大興奮!早速、ダイビングするお子さま、雪玉をつくって雪合戦を始めるお子さま。米ぞりを持って一目散にお山のてっぺんを目指すお子さまと、寒さに負けず、思い思いの遊びを楽しんでいました。そして今日は大好きなお母さまがつくってくれたお弁当の日。たっぷり遊んだ後のお弁当の美味しいこと…あっという間に、お子さま達のお腹の中に消えていきました。明日は、Nature Discovery。かなこ先生が3色食品群についてお話して下さいます。しっかり聞いて、なんでもモリモリ食べて元気いっぱい丈夫な体をつくりましょうね。また明日も待っていますよ☆
  • 2021.01.19Today’s Class 2


    Class 2 had a lot of fun today. Everyone was able to take off and put away their snow wear by themselves, and get ready for the day. After Discovery Time and a short morning meeting, we had ECT with Class 4. Half of the class focused on Left and Right, while the other half talked about different patterns. After that it was time for a music lesson, so we headed upstairs to see Yasue-sensei. Today was a special surprise, as the children got to play the handbells for the first time. Everyone worked together to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ After music, we made birthday presents for this month’s birthday friends. Because of the blizzard going on outside, we decided to stay indoors today, and played Musical Chairs until lunch time. After lunch, we enjoyed some Discovery Time until it was time to head home. Today was great, and we’ll see you all again tomorrow!
  • 2021.01.18Today in Class 1


    Class 1 had so much fun today. In the morning, we played with Class 2, and then did our exercise and calming together. After that, we practiced our phonics with a challenging game. For today’s English Conversation Time, we joined our friends in Class 7 and spoke together. Everyone did a great job. We also went to the park and played in the snow. We have been doing many winter activities, like making snowballs, building snowmen, playing in an igloo, and making snow angels. But today, we brought our homemade sleds, and got to slide down the big hill! Everyone had so much fun using their sleds and playing together in the snow. We were so hungry after playing in the park that everyone ate a big, yummy lunch. We are all looking forward to a lot more winter activities this month!
  • 2021.01.15Today’s Elephant Class


    Today’s Elephant Class children all seemed very happy to be back for the start of the 3rd Term. Everyone enjoyed playing with familiar as well as new toys. We had morning meeting and danced to “Under the Sea” too. The children enjoyed the book Hooray for Fish and helped a “mommy” fish look for her “baby” who was hiding. They could concentrate very hard and find the fish each time and hid it. Lunch box time was very nice and the children were happy to show us their bento lunch boxes. Thank you parents for your support and let’s have a wonderful time in the 3rd term. Happy New Year and see you next Tuesday!
  • 2021.01.14Today’s Elephant Class


    Today in Elephant Class we were so happy to see all the children again. All 15 members came and we enjoyed the day together by playing lots. The children could remember so many things like our morning meeting and dances. They could speak English with confidence as well. We read the book Hooray for Fish and helped a “mommy” fish look for “baby”. The children all enjoyed their lunch boxes too. Thank you to the parents for your support and we really look forward to the third term together. There will be so many fun activities the children will get to enjoy!
  • 2021.01.13Today’s Bear Class


    Welcome back Bear Class friends! We are so happy to see everyone back after the winter vacation. We enjoyed the first lesson of 2021 by playing with their favorite toys as well as some new ones. Our English lesson began by reading the book Hooray for Fish. Then, the children did their best to match mommy and baby fish together. There were many colors of fish and they hid under rocks. Children could say “It’s mommy” and “It’s baby” with confidence. We hope to offer a bigger challenge next week and hope everyone is ready for more fun in the third term. Let’s use lots of English together. See you next week!
  • 2021.01.123学期 始業式 ~Opening Ceremony~


  • 2021.01.06Today’s Kids World


  • 2020.12.23Closing Ceremony


    Today was the closing ceremony which marked the end of the second term. It was a great opportunity to reflect on the term that has been. There have been a lot of fun events this term and the children have developed immensely because of it. The vice-principal came and talked to all the children about how well they had done and encouraged them to have a great winter vacation and look forward to the thrid term. It will be great to see all the smiling faces of the children back in the third term again! Good job everyone!
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